Helicopter Fight

I want to thank all those who wrote and said how they liked the stories Steve Richey and I have posted on the site. One comes to mind now, even if all may think I was a total nut. They're real and reflect the weird things that went on over there.

I was at LZ Oasis, a crewchief/door gunner pulling a walking guard duty by the helicopter pad near the perimeter one night. The area had a down hill slant to it towards the green line which I was walking with my M-16 shouldered. It was completely dark, and as I was putting one foot in front of the other so as to slow my pace down hill. One chopper was parked rather precariously, the tail boom higher than usual. There's a heavy steel "stinger" at the end to keep the tail rotor out of the ground for landing. Well as I was walking sort of fast, I walked right into it, knocking my helmet off and sharply smashing into my left eye. I immediately brought my rifle down off my shoulder and gave a heck of a horizontal butt stroke to this attacking enemy. I felt a solid hit, thinking I got this guy good, and of course I made a little noise in doing so. The other guard nearby came to my assistance. I'm now on the ground with a heck of a headache, and a blooming black eye, when he shines his flashlight around. We see the damaged enemy soldier, one of our own helicopters, the fiberglass cover at the end of the tailboom hanging by a few threads.

Needless to say I was the laughing stock of the company on this one. Everybody was asking, "Who won the fight? Jeff or the chopper?" Many called it a draw. In the morning light, the captain who flew the bird wasn't too happy with me. I told him, if his chopper ever attacks me or anyone else, there won't be any hand to hand or butt strokes, I'm going full automatic on it!

He posted a guard to guard me from guarding his bird.



Originally posted on 1st Cavalry Association Guest Book, June 10, 2003
by, and included here with permission from R. Thom Jefferson.

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